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Amma Boutique

Amma Boutique was founded by Jill Bigelow, mother of 3, after the success of her company PELV-ICE and the Mama Strut™ support braces. Developing the Mama Strut braces radically changed her own journey and the journeys of thousands of others into motherhood. The creation of Amma Boutique brings exceptional, medically sound, scientifically proven, and well-loved products alongside the Mama Strut.

Created by Jill Bigelow and managed by Cherine Cope, Amma Boutique is the first one-stop shop for ALL moms, catering directly to the pregnant and postpartum women’s market. The 400 sq ft flagship store is located in South Pasadena at 1118 Mission Street and carries a curated collection of essential maternity products, including the Mama Strut products.